Updates Dec 2020

Here are some updates in Dec 2020 - 3D printing quotation, a free online tool for mirroring or flipping an STL for 3D printing and store updates

On Demand 3D Printing Service

I’ve received many inquiries about 3D printing quotation. A new 3D printing quotation tool is available at https://shop.beekeeb.com/3d-printing-service/.

Currently, industrial level Resin (SLA) and Nylon (SLS) are available. This is more expensive than hobby level PLA (FDM) printers, but the printed object is much smoother.

I hope this will be a convenient alternative for 3D printing services, such as Shapeways. The shipping cost to Europe is relatively cheaper.

Online STL mirror / flip

When I want to print a mirrored version of the STL, I can do it in the 3D modelling tool. But this isn’t the quickest solution.

I’ve built an online tool for mirroring or flipping an STL for 3D printing. This simple tool is available at https://stl-mirror.beekeeb.com/ for free.


Corne Keyboard (crkbd) Cherry PCB v3.0.1 with kailh hotswap support created by foostan is in stock. I will create a build log soon.


Please let me know your comments at leo@beekeeb.com