Introducing the Hotreus62 keyboard

New 60% hotswappable keyboard that supports both Low Profile Choc / MX key switches

Hotreus62 is inspired by the 2 legendary keyboards - Atreus62 and Lily58 Pro.


Hotreus62 with low profile keyswitches

  • 62 keys
  • With Atreus62 keyboard layout, Hotreus62 has enough keys for having a number row.
  • Same as the design approach of Lily58 Pro, Hotreus62 supports having both Low Profile Kailh Choc / MX hotswap sockets.
  • The overall keyboard height is reduced, with the breakout board placing on the top.


Hotreus62 Case

  • Stacked acrylic case is available.
  • Carbon Fiber top / switch plate and Carbon Fiber bottom plate are also available for a durable build.

If you like the Atreus62 layout, Hotreus62 can be a great board for testing if you like low profile or MX key switches more.

The project is 100% open source. The files (PCB, BOM, case and firmware) are in

More photo in